Leather Snap Belt: Brown

Leather Snap Belt: Brown
  • Leather Snap Belt: Brown
  • Leather Snap Belt: Brown
  • Leather Snap Belt: Brown
  • Leather Snap Belt: Brown
  • $39.00

A handcrafted leather snap belt for both men and women. 

This belt is made of one strip of a cowhide, so it’s one, solid piece of leather. This belt is built to last. 

The strap is 1-1/2" wide and includes a silver metal buckle. It has also been designed to work with the universal belt buckle design using the snap closure. Luckily, I have many belt buckles for you to choose from, and ALL of them will work with this belt!

Please measure your existing belt and follow the directions in the image to choose the correct size for you. If you do not have an old belt to use as a template, please email me and we will work together to figure out the size you need. 

Each belt has seven holes- therefore a lot of flexibility with your size and where you wear your pants. It is ideal to have your belt fasten in one of the middle holes.


Generally speaking, you take the size of your jeans and go up TWO SIZES. If your jeans are 32", you wear a 36" belt. Please be sure to measure the size of your existing belt, or choose your size carefully. 


As these are on clearance, there is no exchange, returns, nor refunds. Leather grain and colour will vary depending on the hide they're cut from. The snaps may also differ than the photographs.

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