Junked Toronto couch reborn as a stylish leather handbag. CBC reports.

March 2016

Couch to Clutch: A radio interview with CBC's Metro Morning, featuring the couch owner and designer (Pip Robins), meeting for the first time.

March 2016

Viral Couch Clutch

The post that started it all; Couch to Clutch post that went viral.

March 2016

Toronto Life: Top ten picks from the 2014 Spring One of a Kind Show
Felt the love from Design Crush!
Pip Robins brings Movember without the soup catcher: The Coast's ShopTalk, Nov 9, 2011
Toronto One of a Kind Show Featured Artisan, October 9, 2012
Featured on Heather Armstrong's ( 2009 "Holiday for Her: Accessories and Clothing" gift list
Cargoh's 3x3 Interview, September 2011

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