Our Story

On a cold, winter’s day in Halifax, Nova Scotia in early 2009, Gillian Hyde saw a man with a bandana across his face to keep warm. Inspiration hit: she loved the bank robber aesthetic, but knew that there was a better way to achieve the warmth he was after. She went home and made her first cowl scarf out of some scrap wool and cotton, and Pip Robins Accessories was born. What began as just a cowl scarf company grew as Hyde’s skills and interests developed, and soon she was dabbling in other functional accessories. Pip Robins is still known for its flagship product, but now has earned a stellar reputation as a quality and classic handbag and small accessories company.  
Hyde is completely self-taught. Inspired by the intrinsic beauty of natural materials and classic, utilitarian designs, Hyde handcrafts every Pip Robins accessory from start to finish, using only the highest quality materials and traditional techniques. 


About Gillian Hyde
Who We Are:
Owner Gillian Hyde is the creative force, artisan, and sole person behind Pip Robins Accessories. Born and raised in rural Nova Scotia...