Belt Buckle: LGBTQ Pride

Belt Buckle: LGBTQ Pride
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50% of all sales of this buckle will be sent to The 519 in Toronto during the month of June 2019. 

The 519 is committed to the health, happiness and full participation of the LGBTQ2S communities. A City of Toronto agency with an innovative model of Service, Space and Leadership, we strive to make a real difference in people’s lives, while working to promote inclusion, understanding and respect.



In recent years, there has been extensive research in the area of youth homelessness in Canada and internationally. We have seen a great deal of initiatives towards the movement to end youth homelessness. However, there is still a lack of knowledge of the problem of LGBTQ2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, and two-spirit) youth homelessness in Canada.

What we do know is that LGBTQ2S youth are overrepresented in youth homelessness; based on a book published by the COH and A Way Home Canada, about 40% of youth experiencing homelessness identify as LGBTQ2S. We also know that some issues disproportionately affect LGBTQ2S-identified youth, as highlighted in the following statistics from the book, Where Am I Going to Go?:

  • Over 80% of LGBTQ2S students report being aware of LGBTQ-related discriminatory practices and policies in their schools 
  • The majority of LGBTQ2S Indigenous youth (three in four) said they were enrolled in school.
  • 59% of Indigenous LGBTQ2S youth said that they attended alternative schools.
  • Over 38% of Indigenous youth who identified as LGBTQ2S were unable to access mental health services when they needed to, whereas 27% of Indigenous heterosexual cisgender youth said the same.
  • LGBTQ2S youth were more likely (51%) to say that they were homeless or street involved due to an inability to get along with their parents, compared to hetereosexual cisgender youth (36%)
  • LGBTQ2S youth were more likely (34%) to say that violence or abuse made them leave home, compared to hetereosexual cisgender youth (16%)

In 2014, the BC Homeless & Street-Involved Youth Survey included a set of surveys for homeless youth between the ages of 12-19 years old. They asked a diverse set of questions regarding life circumstances, risk exposures, assets and supports, health and risk behaviours, health outcomes, sexual orientation, gender identity and questions regarding Indigenous identities and life circumstances, such as whether youth have ever lived on a reserve. The surveys found that over half (53% or 358) of the youths surveyed identified as Indigenous, and of these Indigenous youth 34% (122 people) identified as LGBTQ or two-spirit.


About Pip Robins' buckles:
After creating the image digitally I put the image on leather, and then coat the leather so it is durable. The leather can withstand normal wear and tear, but understand that leather is soft and is not dent-proof. How do I get the image on leather? Why, magic of course! As long as you do not take sharp pointy object to the surface, or swim with your belt buckle on, you should be fine! (As an aside: I would recommend keeping sharp pointy objects away from that area of your body as a general rule.)

Each buckle measures 3" x 1-3/4". They fit on a 1-1/2" (3.8 cm) snap belt (which is not included). With very few exceptions, all belt buckles work exactly the same way- so once you have one snap belt, you can interchange belt buckles from any company!

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