Product Care and Upkeep


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    Leather Care

    Pip Robins uses high-quality genuine leather, predominantly made in the USA and Italy. The hides have been treated with oils and waxes during the tanning and dying process to help keep them weather resistant. To lengthen the life of your bags, it is important to take proper care of the leather.  

    Use a premium saddle soap or leather balm to maintain, moisturize, and/or eliminate scuff marks. Always do a test patch before treating the entire bag.  

    Use a stiff brush or moist cloth to remove any dirt.  Apply the leather cleanser in a circular motion, wiping away any extra product with a damp cloth after application. To avoid over-treating the leather, applying a cleaner one or two times a year should be sufficient. 

    Waxed Canvas

    Waxed canvas is durable, water resistant, and will develop a patina with regular use.

    To clean:

    • Using a soft brush or sponge, lightly wipe off any dirt or mud
    • Use plain cold water before adding any gentle soap
    • Scrub gently, as the wax can be removed when being cleaned
    • Rinse and allow to air dry

    Bag interior:

    • Intentionally designed with heavy use in mind, all Pip Robins’ bag linings can be lifted out of the bag for cleaning
    • Grab the bottom seam and pull up and out of the opening
    • Scrub, by hand, with detergent and water
    • Rinse and allow to air dry
    • Push the lining fabric back into the bag 

    Do not:

    • Dry clean
    • Machine wash or dry
    • Use detergent, spot remover, or bleach


    Leather bags may lose their shape depending on how they are stored. In order to avoid this, clean out your bag and let it air dry before storage. Stuff your bags, especially the corners, with bubble wrap or tissue paper to avoid creases and wrinkles. 

    Store the bag in a cool, dark place, and in a dust bag or pillowcase, as exposure to sun can cause leather to discolour. Avoid storing leather bags in a plastic bag or sealed container, as leather needs to breathe.  

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