Pip Robins has always been about building community. Carrying one of our pieces sparks conversation amongst strangers and friends alike. We always love to hear what you think!

  • From Karyn

    Everything Pip Robins makes is not only beautiful but functional. I love introducing people to Pip and supporting an amazing local artisan!


  • From Megan

    Love my bags! Beautiful design and construction; they get even better with age. Really appreciate the quality of the work & finishes. Fun linings are a lovely, special touch. 


  • From Michele

    I have four Pip Robins cowls and they’re beautiful, cozy and chic. There’s a bit of a strut in my walk when I wear one. Love them so much!


  • From Tory

    Gillian is a true artisan.  I own three versions of her bags and have owned three of her pouches over the last decade. I wear the pouch bag everywhere, all the time!  It is the perfect size for a minimalist who appreciates excellent design and craftsmanship ❤️


  • From Melissa

    I now have an embarrassing number of Pip bags, and have gifted bags to friends and family - they’re beautiful, well-thought out, functional and above all extremely strong and well made. Always my favourite bags!


  • From Debbie

    I discovered Pip Robins about three years ago. I now own four bags/totes and a few other products. I love every piece and purchasing from such an amazing individual. 

    Thanks for making stuff that is so beautiful, useful, timeless, and well crafted!




Owner Gillian Hyde is the creative force, artisan, and sole person behind Pip Robins Accessories. She proudly creates every single item in the Pip Robins collection from start to finish with expertise, passion, playfulness, and a strong work ethic. 

Hyde (she/they) is a single parent, a Maritimer, and she staunchly believes in buying local and handmade, practicing sustainability in life and work, and being kind to everyone. She laughs loudly and easily, has very strong hands, and is happily (and slowly) restoring a century home by the sea, in Nova Scotia.  

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