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Pip Robins' Gillian Hyde

Owner Gillian Hyde is the creative force, artisan, and sole person behind Pip Robins Accessories. She proudly creates every single item in the Pip Robins collection from start to finish with expertise, passion, playfulness, and a strong work ethic. 

Born and raised in rural Nova Scotia, she has lived all over the world and held many titles, including (but not limited to) web developer, birth doula, fund analyst for an offshore investment company, IT data technician, retail manager and buyer, receptionist, educator, and writer.
Hyde (she/her) is a single parent, obviously Aries, and passionate about supporting women-owned and small businesses alike. She staunchly believes in buying local and handmade, practicing sustainability in life and work, and being kind to everyone. She laughs loudly and easily, has very strong hands, and daydreams about someday owning and renovating an old farmhouse by the sea.   

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