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Reclaimed Leather Couch Clutch

Reclaimed Leather Couch Clutch

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So, the story goes:

Yesterday I saw an amazing beat up brown leather couch on the side of the road near my house. It was still sitting there by nighttime, so I decided that I'd have my way with it. Armed with a utility knife and black clothing, I went out at 11pm and tore that couch to shreds. And TOTALLY GOT CAUGHT by the owners. Oh no! She told me that their new puppy ruined it, that they'd had the couch for ten years, and it didn't have bedbugs. I'm not sure what she thought I was doing... But to thank her for the beautiful leather, I'm going to anonymously drop off this clutch I whipped up when I got home. Maybe she won't like to wear something made out of her old couch, but it's very awesome, if you ask me.


What started as a chance meeting between me and a discarded couch has now turned into a viral sensation!

Now you too can have the a clutch made from the same leather couch as in the story. Each clutch is different, as leather is a natural material, and this specific leather has lived a life as a couch. There are varying textures and small marks - but rather than take away from the bag- they add personality, and show the history and wear.

This last batch of clutches have been made from the back of the couch, so the leather has very little wear and tear. Now you can make it your own! The second and third photos (with the white background) show one of the clutches you will receive when you order.

Length: 11.75"
Zipper Length: 11"
Height: 8.25"

Will fit an iPad Air (as shown) and similarly sized tablets. The clutches are unlined.

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